Global Font Solutions

Why global fonts?

Global fonts create seamless brands across all touchpoints.

From the development and expansion of global markets and new technologies have arisen challenges and demands for brands and corporations. As a result, agile product strategies are now composed of an internationalized typographic expression, across all languages and scripts. Production Type’s Global Font Solutions address that paradigm. Our product offer is comprised of three stages:

Custom font

High-end design solutions for sui generis, impeccable assets

Bespoke typeface design is the assurance of a inimitable, dedicated brand appearance. For when strengthening your territory isn’t enough, and you want to secure all aspects of a global brand, this all-in and worry-free service level grants a unified voice across timezones and touchpoints with a competitive headstart as added benefit.

Font Matching

The best value for demanding brand strategies

Font Matching takes the above pairings to the next level and adjusts two or more scripts one with another: both designs are made fit, resized and aligned to give a crisp feeling of correspondance. The fonts’ stroke weights can be reworked to be a perfect match under a unified banner with a single naming and file management solution. This approach is the best value when design expectations are set high despite limited resources.

Font Pairing

A straightforward and cost-effective approach to localization challenges

Font Pairing consist in the parallel use of aesthetically and functionally equivalent fonts in different scripts. Such pairs are evaluated on style and performance criteria, and are not only unified by they use, but also in their licensing. A fast, worry-free, and affordable approach that enables you to get the most of Production Type’s consulting and expertise for your brand or product.

Achieve great results with Global Font Solutions

Production Type’s Global Font Solutions expands your control of the brand's expression. It stimulates greater customer recognition, simplifies brand management, and yields quality and value for your audience.


Custom font creation

A brand strategy’s inimitable asset.

Font weight/style additions

Enhanced typographic palette flexibility.


Today’s inimitable voice.


Making a mark in all occasions.


Coordinated visual toolboxes.


Expertise by one’s side.

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